Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Let's Try This Again...Anna Maria Horner Bags and Crochet Hook Organizers

Wow, what a week!!
 I didn't disappear, but have been tiling a pretty large floor area~ over 2 rooms!
This time around seemed so much harder. We had to tear out cement sub-flooring panels, replace them, cut and lay tile etc etc.Very hard when you are not used to it. We did our kitchen and this was a continuation into a hallway/bathroom and more...We did the kitchen 4 years ago and haven't had time to continue the project since.
On one of the first days I had to chase Coco to keep her from running out the front door, and managed to skid and hit my head on the corner of the bathroom door and skinned/bruised my knee pretty badly, which made kneeling all day to work even harder...
We still have a bathroom to install cabinets/sinks etc in, but it's back to work now, so that will have to wait...

Meanwhile, prior to tiling, I had been crocheting a lot more than sewing. Lately I'm feeling a little uninspired  and not even sure what I would make ...so I went through one of my boxes of previously listed things, and chose a few of my very favorites. I am always surprised at some of the items that don't sell right away as they are usually my personal faves...anyway I'm giving them another chance ~They'll be (re)listed asap...Some of the crochet hook organizers are already in the shop : )

Leopard and Roses Linen bag with velvet.Anna Maria Horner fabric and ribbon.

Small rounded wristlet-fabrics by Anna Maria Horner.

Currently available crochet hook organizers.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Warm Cozy Crocheting

Winding into the Winter months-I feel like the Midwest skips right through Autumn and Spring as fast as possible. Unfortunately my favorite months always seem to be a blur here. I feel like hibernating, and the best projects for that are things that can be carried to somewhere warm to sit~ preferably under a blanket.

If you've been by here before, you will know that I have been crocheting (And knitting) quite a bit lately.
Some of my current favorite yarns are by Misti Alpaca. I'm not sure which one I like best-they have several types, and they are so soft I just want to make a big blanket one day.
I always love knitted and crocheted things in natural colors -beiges, greys, creams etc., but once I get to the store I always gravitate toward the colorful skeins.Yesterday I saw this inky grey and almost put it back down for a pine green. I'm so glad I didn't. This grey might be my new favorite color-it's blue in some light and purple in others. I will definitely be keeping this one for myself (and getting more inky grey ; )

I might have to keep the multi-tonal green one too ; )

I also bought some raspberry colored cascade220. I  like to crochet(and knit) with my stitches very tight, and no open, visible spaces in between the stitches. If I see light - I go down a hook(or needle) size or several(!) I've made a few of these hats by doubling up the yarn. However I've noticed with crocheting- that thicker yarns make projects that aren't very 'fluid', so I tried this one out with just the one strand. It's probably technically too loose, but I'm thinking it will make a very nice slouchy hat~ so I'm going to go to the end and see how it looks.

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