Thursday, October 30, 2014

Because I can't stop making these

I love making these pocket clutches by michellepatterns.They're small and practical for stashing little things in your purse.They also require little bits of fabric and the mixy matchy possibilities are many.

This one uses Amy Butler's Hapi fabric.It just needs a button and to tidy up those threads : )

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Let's Try This Again...Anna Maria Horner Bags and Crochet Hook Organizers

Wow, what a week!!
 I didn't disappear, but have been tiling a pretty large floor area~ over 2 rooms!
This time around seemed so much harder. We had to tear out cement sub-flooring panels, replace them, cut and lay tile etc etc.Very hard when you are not used to it. We did our kitchen and this was a continuation into a hallway/bathroom and more...We did the kitchen 4 years ago and haven't had time to continue the project since.
On one of the first days I had to chase Coco to keep her from running out the front door, and managed to skid and hit my head on the corner of the bathroom door and skinned/bruised my knee pretty badly, which made kneeling all day to work even harder...
We still have a bathroom to install cabinets/sinks etc in, but it's back to work now, so that will have to wait...

Meanwhile, prior to tiling, I had been crocheting a lot more than sewing. Lately I'm feeling a little uninspired  and not even sure what I would make I went through one of my boxes of previously listed things, and chose a few of my very favorites. I am always surprised at some of the items that don't sell right away as they are usually my personal faves...anyway I'm giving them another chance ~They'll be (re)listed asap...Some of the crochet hook organizers are already in the shop : )

Leopard and Roses Linen bag with velvet.Anna Maria Horner fabric and ribbon.

Small rounded wristlet-fabrics by Anna Maria Horner.

Currently available crochet hook organizers.


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